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10 Secret Hidden Messages In Pop Songs

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top 10 strange theories on popular music you won't believe
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Description:They say that music is a way for the soul to speak. Depending on what kind of mood we are in, we can emote and sort through our feelings by listening to the appropriate music. We can express ourselves and cope with our life situations through music and songs. We can relate to a singer’s heartbreak or celebration of life through lyrics and cleverly placed music notes on a page. We all have our favorite songs, and we know exactly what we need to listen to in order to get our adrenaline pumping and get energize. Even if you want to mellow out and calm down, there’s a song for that.
Songs have become a way for artists to spread their messages and rally for a cause they believe in. Because of this accessibility to an artist’s vision and message, people have come up with some pretty bizarre theories about popular songs. Whether they are singing about the assassination of John F. Kennedy or trying to convert masses of kids into becoming gay, some of these theories make sense while others are completely off the radar.
When we are met with bizarre theories, our first instinct is to simply toss the theory to the side, ignore it, and move on with our lives. But sometimes, even the crazies might be making a point, so it would be foolish to completely disregard their theories, no matter how weird they could be. Get ready to dive into the truly bizarre and make your own decision about these songs.

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