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39 Craziest Hairstyles to Ever Exist

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From the original Hat Hair to Lady Gaga’s Braid Cone here are 39 Craziest Hairstyles to Ever Exist. Wonder if these people regret these decisions?

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# 20 Hat Hair
Who says hat hair is always a bad look? This guy used some sculpting and turned his fro into a permanent brimmed hat look. It would actually be a crime to cover this haircut with a cap.

# 19 Oreo Hair
Oreos are irresistible, so why not use that imagery on your haircut? This woman dyed half her head and attached the Oreos logo onto her head to achieve this tasty look.

# 18 Elephant Hair
This elephant hairstyle is whimsical and obviously required a little bit of sculpting and creativity. Just make sure you don’t bring any rat tails nearby or you’ll spook him. But rat tails scare everyone, not just elephants.

# 17 Gecko
Ever wanted to try a mohawk but wanted to be even more unique and unemployable? Combine the mohawk with a rat tail and some arms and you got yourself the Gecko cut.

# 16 Out of this World
This haircut takes bangs to the next level by creating a mushroomy / UFO look and letting a curtain of crimped hair cascade down. I guess you could say this look is out of this world.

# 15 Mohawk Wave
This haircut is not really a wave as much as it is a huge windsail made of hair. It also kind of looks like a broom or perhaps a blonde shark fin.

# 14 Lady Gaga’s Braid Cone
Lady Gaga is known for pushing the boundary of fashion and clothing including this haircut she rocked in 2009 that can only be described as Conehead inspired tower of braids.

# 13 The Lisa Simpson
They call this haircut “the Lisa Simpson”. Well, maybe they don’t but maybe they should because the similarity is uncanny.

# 12 Truly Hardcore
You are not hardcore unless your spikes don’t make you look like a toy that’s squeezing multicolor play-doh out of your head. Probably the craziest part of this haircut is that he only has hair on one side of his head.

# 11 Bald and Beautiful
This isn’t as much of a hairstyle as it is the lack of a hairstyle. But who says you can’t be bald and beautiful? With just a bag of rhinestones and some glue, even a bare head can be glamorous.

# 10 Tennis Ball
Ever wanted to recreate that unique texture of fuzz on a tennis ball on your head? This guy is emulating that iconic look down to the white lines and black logo imprint. Let’s just hope no one tries to whack him over the head with a tennis racquet.

# 9 Peacock Fantasy
This hairstyle was the winner of the 2009 Fantasy Hair Competition modeled by Amaris Brown designed by Kevin Carter. It was called the Proud Peacock and was truly worth of being called the craziest hairstyle.

# 8 Hair Hands
With some sculpting, you can make your hair look like it’s creeping up on you and slowly trying to take over your face. You can try this look on Halloween or even a casual day at the office.

# 7 Frozen Hair
In parts of the world, the winter air can be so cold it freezes water instantly. In certain parts of Yukon, people will bathe in a hot spring or jacuzzi in negative 30 degrees Celsius weather and create an instant crazy hair style. The water in the hair will instantly freeze as you emerge from the water.

# 6 Tiger Buzzcut
This buzzcut is so realistic it looks photoshopped. It is just an eerily accurate and intricate colored buzzcut that looks exactly like a tiger complete with hair and fur.

# 5 Pineapple Head
This kid lost a bet and was forced to turn over his head to the hands of his creative cousin who turned his head into a pineapple. He posted photos of his pineapple haircut to Reddit, where it attained more than 1 million views overnight.

# 4 Cupcake Hair
With just a little creativity you can turn your head into a sweet treat for your schools’ crazy hair day. This cupcake hair was made with just some colored spray and a cupcake wrapper.

# 3 Extreme Cupcake Hair
If you really want to commit to the cupcake hair you can actually dye your hair and achieve this look. It’s not as easy to do as the previous look but it will definitely win you a victory in the Cupcake Wars.

# 2 Toilet worthy Haircut
Would it be an insult to call this haircut what it was? Do you think he really wanted a haircut that at best would only be #2?

# 1 Eyes in the Back of Her Head
They say some people have senses so strong they might as well have eyes in the back of their head. Well, this woman literally has a giant eye on the back of her head. It may not be an actual functional eyeball, but it’s scary enough to prevent you from doing anything anyway.

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