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Most STUBBORN People Refusing To Leave Their Home!

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Check out the most stubborn people refusing to leave their home! This top 10 list of unbelievable house

owners protested against evictions and are very resilient!

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7. Edith Macefield
In Seattle, Washington, a new mall complex threatened to take over the home of an 84-year-old woman named

Edith Macefield. She was offered $1 million dollars for her home, which she had bought in 1952. However, she

refused. In a letter, Edith claimed her mother dragged her “all the way from England” to look at the small

house near Ballard Bridge. Her mother apparently had never had a home of her own, so Edith bought it for her.

Perhaps this is the explanation as to why she held onto it so tenaciously.
Construction moved forward and the mall was simply built around her little property. The foreman of the

construction project, Barry Martin, befriended Edith. He helped her with her groceries, medications, and took

care of her until she passed away in 2008. She was 86. It’s believed that her story inspired the Pixar film,

The home, which Edith called Whitewood Cottage, is now referred to as the Macefield House, the Ballard House,

or the Up House, and was left to Barry Martin on Edith’s passing. He searched the home, looking for clues of

Edith’s past, but only came up with more questions.
In life, she claimed all sorts of strange stories, like riding in a hot air balloon and being a spy.

Supposedly, she was married three times and there were three marriage certificates from three different

countries but none had official seals.
One especially puzzling artifact is a green notebook containing autographs, notes, and poems from actors,

musicians, and directors, ranging from Charlie Chaplin to Katherine Hepburn. Taylor Bowie, a Seattle

antiquarian and avid fan of old actors and musicians, examined the autograph book and said at least two-

thirds of the signatures are authentic.
In 2009, Martin sold the house to a businessman for $300,000 and used the money to pay for his children’s

college education.
However, according to its Facebook page, the mildew-ridden Macefield House still stands. Edith’s legacy,

however, doesn’t end here. Every year in Seattle since 2013, there has been a festival called the Macefield

Music Festival to celebrate the memory of one determined and mysterious woman.
6. The Yang House
At the three-storey building in Yichang, Hubei province, China has fallen victim to its own rapid urban

development. Owned by a man named Yang, it stands in the middle of a construction site of a high-tech park at

the bottom of a pit. He and his family have refused to move during a two-year battle with the local


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