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Shocking moment an oil truck crashes into temple parade route

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Horrifying moment two villagers are killed as out-of control oil tanker smashes into a religious parade after its brakes failed

Two people died when an out-of-control lorry smashed into a religious parade
Another three people were seriously injured after the horrific crash in China
Villagers from nearby Meizhou were celebrating their ancestors with a parade
Driver claimed he could not slow down when his brakes failed on February 13

At least two people were killed when an out of control oil tanker smashed into a religious parade.

Another three people were seriously injured during the horrific crash in Guangdong, China on February 13.

Villagers from nearby Meizhou were celebrating their ancestors with a parade of drum music and dancing when the accident happened.

A man was filming the festivities and captured the parade making its way down the rural road when the lorry suddenly comes into shot.

It can be seen heading straight for the people and, as it get closer, the driver appears incapable of slowing the vehicle down.

He helplessly honked his horn in a bid to warn the parade members but the truck was moving so fast several do not have time to get out of the way.

The video shows a panicked woman trapped along the guard rail as she desperately tried to escape the speeding truck.

The tanker only stopped when it careered off the road and into a ditch. The driver claimed his vehicle's brakes failed and he was unable to stop.

Detectives have set up a crash investigation team and driver remains in police custody, according to local media.

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