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The Weakest Armies in the World

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Top 10 countries with the weakest, smallest, worst armies in the world
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What are the strongest armies on earth? Without even breaking a sweat you could probably fire off a dozen or so countries with the most powerful militaries. In fact, look around the internet and it’s easy to find evidence of the strongest forces in the world whether it’s in the form of endless Top 10 lists or even government reports. Sure, it’s the usual characters in this case. The USA, Russia, China, India, France and a host of other nations are the typical powerhouses boasting thousands of aircraft, thousands of tanks and millions of soldiers. These countries spend tens of billions – hundreds if you’re the USA – on their yearly military budget to maintain and expand various branches of their services. While impressive, most hope it will never get used against one another.
Then there’s the whole other end of this military debate – the weakest. No one really ever advertises the weakest armies because it’s not as flashy or awe-inspiring as the biggest. Yet, not every nation wants or is capable of having a huge, powerful military force. Often small in both population and landmass, these nations only have enough might to maintain law and order and help out in emergencies. In fact, some don’t even have a single professional soldier and instead rely on reserves or, in some cases, paramilitary forces to act as their muscle.

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