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Women fight in public | Girls fight in public | Woman strips a girl’s clothes for stealing her man

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In this video women are fighting brutally in public, this video covers following topics, girls, fight, school, cat, brutal, in, Russia, жестокая, драка, балонником, vine, vines, girl, fighting, on, knocked, out, trending, viral, video, compilation, sexy, hot, bitch, modi, kapil, sharma, sex, new, 2016, 2017, best, kill, women, Russian, models, how, why, beautiful, hottest, beats, beating, boyfriend, man, guy, guys, men, funny, funniest, most, amazing, awesome, public, gone, wild, edition, ugly, fights, must, watch, street, road, knockout, knockouts, shit, Hope the audience will enjoy a lot after watching this funny video.

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